August 08 2017 0Comment

Frisomat signs partnership with Swiss SolarXplorers SA

In the village of Payerne (canton of Vaud), in Switzerland, a truly remarkable project is about to be launched. SolarXplorers SA is planning to fly to the edge of space in 2018. Nothing special, you may think, it has been done before. This time, however, a plane fully powered by solar energy will ascend into the stratosphere, at an altitude of 25 km above the earth’s surface. Clearly, the preparations for this record flight on renewable energy are already in full swing.

Aircraft hangar Extra Large

Flying aboard a solar plane at an altitude of 25 km is no mean feat. “Continuous innovation is key for the success of such a challenging project”, explains pilot Raphaël Domjan. “A similar innovative approach was needed for the expansion of our aircraft hangar with VIP corner. It’s actually a temporary project. The workshop therefore had to be easily dismountable, so that it can later be relocated elsewhere.” The standardised Meccano concept applied by Belgian steel constructor Frisomat, provided an excellent solution.

“To facilitate assembly work on the aircraft with its 25 m wingspan, Frisomat designed a 30 m wide building with an XL sliding door”, says Joost Van Herck. This enables SolarXplorers SA to ride the solar plane in and out for test flights or showcases, in no time at all. “By meeting such demands, Frisomat proves it fully understands in which direction we want to go with this eco adventure. As a company, they represent the same values and standards as SolarXplorers SA, which was the decisive factor in our partnership decision.”