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Frisomat-SOPAC-Portugal (1)

Partnership agreement signed during state visit to Lisbon

The international industrial construction company Frisomat is designing, manufacturing and assembling the new warehouse and distribution centre for Sociedade Produtora De Adubos Compostos S.A. (SOPAC) in Portugal. The artificial fertiliser producer is headquartered in Spain and has chosen Frisomat Portugal as the ideal partner for the expansion of its branch in the Mitrena industrial park in Setúbal. “We are proud to be signing the official partnership with SOPAC during the state visit of Belgian King Filip and Queen Mathilde to Portugal from 22 to 24 October 2018,” asserts Kris Oorts, CEO of Frisomat. “This will only help to strengthen our agreement.”

We shelter your business

Setúbal, one of the most important sea ports in Portugal, is home to SOPAC, who specialises in producing and distributing artificial fertilisers. The manufacturing company was established in Spain and began growing its sphere of operations back in 1997. Now it’s the turn of its branch in the Mitrena industrial park in Portugal for expansion.

“SOPAC came across Frisomat via one of our constructions in Portugal,” says Oorts. “Our main advantage here is the fact that we are not only an industrial construction company who operates on a global scale, but that we have also had a branch in Aveiro since 1990. In addition, Frisomat is celebrating its 40th birthday this year,” continues Oorts “and we have 27 years of experience at a local level with Frisomat Portugal.” Thanks to this comprehensive expertise, SOPAC can now enjoy a solution tailored to its exact needs. “At Frisomat, we pride ourselves on offering the perfect shelter solutions for our customers’ operations,” explains Oorts. “Whether they are looking for a warehouse, a production building or a distribution centre, we offer the appropriate advice and tailored solutions, so they can be sure they are making the right investment. Hence our motto ‘We shelter your business’.”

Storage & distribution

Frisomat is designing and manufacturing the new warehouse and distribution centre for Spanish artificial fertiliser producer SOPAC, as well as coordinating the transport from its company base in Belgium. Teams from Frisomat Portugal will then assemble the building on-site and provide after-sales support. “We are the only international industrial construction company who handles the entire process, from start to finish,” adds Oorts. “That means we are a fast and reliable partner during the construction process – and that is exactly what we want to guarantee SOPAC.”

The building has a free span of 45 m, a length of 101 m and a gutter height of 6.5 m. “The project also stands out in terms of sustainability,” says Oorts. “Our industrial buildings use 30% less steel than traditional construction techniques, with no loss of robustness. And this weight advantage also makes them easier to transport and assemble. More than 85% of our production is intended for export.”

Partnership agreement

So, back to the building for SOPAC. The project will get the official go-ahead on 23 October 2018 during a state visit by Belgian King Filip and Queen Mathilde to Portugal. “We are honoured to be able to ceremonially sign this partnership with SOPAC as part of this visit,” concludes Oorts. “We also look forward to building a long and fruitful relationship with SOPAC.”