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Can Frisomat build an industrial building in my country?

Yes we can. We’ve built thousands of industrial steel buildings in over a hundred countries. Chances are we’re already present in your area. If not, we’ll happily explore it for you. References aplenty Frisomat is in its core an international building. We’ve constructed more steel halls abroad than in our own country. We’ve built on […]

Can Frisomat build an airplane hangar in my country?

Yes, we can build an airplane hangar anywhere you like. International transport is our specialty Frisomat only uses cold-rolled steel to build your aircraft hangar. This building technique is not only very strong and cost-efficient – it’s also by far the easiest technique in terms of transportation. Our steel columns, beams and panels can be […]

Will my warehouse withstand all weathers?

Yes it will. Thanks to both the ingenious design and the quality of the base materials, your steel hangar is equipped to deal with any weather condition. Hail and snow? No problem! Depending on the area where your project will be built, you can have to deal with extreme cold, accompanied with hail and snow […]

Can I integrate an office in my steel building?

Yes. Most office spaces created by Frisomat are only part of the entire building complex. Thanks to our meccano-like assembly process, you have absolute freedom on your hand. Mezzanines are perfect for office space Many warehouses require only five meter high storage racks. Yet your hall can have a raised roof up to seven or […]

Can I extend my recycling hall after it has been built?

Yes you can. You can make your building as long as you want, adding segments when you need them. The overall stability of your hall will never be compromised by these additions. Unlimited length of your steel hangar We never talk about a maximum floor space for any of our steel buildings. That’s because they […]

Can my steel warehouse for vehicles withstand all weathers?

Of course. We’ve especially designed our buildings to make them all-weather resistant. Cold, rain, hail, wind, … nothing will affect the integrity of your steel structure. Your steel car workshop stays always upright Heavy winds and gale storms are the most threatening of weather conditions for any building. Our lightweight steel halls are perfectly equipped […]

What is the best way to optimize the floor space of my showroom?

The layout of your floor plan depends on the way you plan to use your showroom. Sometimes a few lower-lever offices for sales executives are what you need. But you may well require a separate floor for meeting rooms or special shop-in-shop offerings. Both are possible. Create extra floor space on a mezzanine The smartest […]

Can Frisomat build me a customized steel building?

Yes. And no. No, a customized building is not our business if it means you want to start from a blank canvas. Yes, we can customize to a very large degree, starting from our base models. We guarantee no other hall will look like yours. Customization of standard steel buildings The Frisomat principles are rather […]

Can Frisomat build a riding arena in my country?

Yes. Even if you haven’t found an example of a steel Frisomat building in your country (which is unlikely), it doesn’t mean we can’t build there. We’re a global company by nature. Doing business anywhere require an international approach Building in Belgium is different from building in Africa or South America. In fact, rules and […]

What is the price of a Frisomat steel aircraft hangar?

Obviously, size matters a great deal when calculating the total budget for your aircraft hangar. Light processes guarantee high value for money Frisomat has made it a crucial point to perfect its processes over the course of many years. We’ve now reached a point where no time or money is ever wasted, thanks to a […]

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