Faq Category: Industrial

Can Frisomat build a warehouse in my country?

Sure, we’ve built thousands of buildings in over a hundred countries. We’re on every continent. Chances are your country is somewhere on this list of reference cases. Export is in our DNA Right from the beginning, we’ve started exporting our buildings. First to our neighboring countries, later to South America, Africa and Russia. This experience […]

I want glass walls for my showroom. Is that possible?

Yes. We love to fit showrooms with glass panels in side walls and roof. They make your products really shine and convince your customers to take action. Glass in roof or side walls Frisomat can replace the standard steel side panelling with glass. This has no impact on the overall strength of the construction. We […]

How large can my business or industrial building be?

There is no limit. Our pre-designed building types are extendable and combinable to the extreme, allowing for halls of any size. Made to measure Sure, we start from pre-designed building plans and use pre-fabricated parts on site. But this has no impact on your freedom to create a building that suits your needs. It all […]

Is my indoor riding arena windproof and watertight?

Yes it is. Your building will provide shelter from rain and storm. All over the world, thousands of Frisomat steel halls prove their strength every day. Wind bracings protect your structure Your steel riding arena is a large building. It will probably measure over a thousand square meters, with a roof that is raised to […]

How can I personalize my office to my needs?

There is no limit on the amount of personalization possible in your office building. From size to accessories, you’re in the driver’s seat. Size matters in your steel office building Our pre-engineered steel office buildings do have limitations on size and shape. But the freedom between the smallest and the largest version is immense. We […]

What extras can I have for my car workshop?

There are too many extra’s and accessories to name them all here. Your freedom to customize the design to make it fit with your business is nearly unlimited. Color and shape: your call First of all, you can choose the size and shape of your hall. Size is up to you, as is orientation. The […]

Can Frisomat build me a customized steel building?

Yes. And no. No, a customized building is not our business if it means you want to start from a blank canvas. Yes, we can customize to a very large degree, starting from our base models. We guarantee no other hall will look like yours. Customization of standard steel buildings The Frisomat principles are rather […]

What size should I make the covering for my equestrian arena?

The size of your steel construction depends entirely on your whishes and preferences. You can make the hall as large as you like, and even extend it further in the future. We will gladly advise you and show examples of previous projects to help you through the design process. Size matters in your steel riding […]

What is the best way to optimize the floor space of my showroom?

The layout of your floor plan depends on the way you plan to use your showroom. Sometimes a few lower-lever offices for sales executives are what you need. But you may well require a separate floor for meeting rooms or special shop-in-shop offerings. Both are possible. Create extra floor space on a mezzanine The smartest […]

Can Frisomat build an extra floor into my warehouse?

Yes. A Mezzanine is the smartest way to create extra floor space in your steel building. We use the same strong and lightweight steel for the stairs and beams of the mezzanine, ensuring its sturdiness. Two floors in one building: double the floor space! In your warehouse, it’s all about storage space. That means rows […]

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