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Does Frisomat also offer a building kit?

Yes and no. All of our halls come packed with instructions to build the hall from start to finish. This can be done by a local team, with only a small and light crane to lift the roof beams and panels. Or we can send over a trained Frisomat crew to assist you with erection […]

What are the requirements for the building site terrain?

Frisomat steel hangars can be built almost anywhere. A level surface with some minimal preparatory foundation work is enough. Minimal foundations You can prepare the foundations yourself, or have Frisomat create them on the first day. Usually, concrete blocks with steel anchors are sufficient. But a large concrete plinth is also possible. Our engineers will […]

Which building type do I need?

Choosing a Frisomat steel building type is the first step in a very intense customization process. Our engineers will gladly discuss to pros and cons of any steel building type with you, based on your requirements. Size matters in your steel hall Some agricultural halls need lots of floor space and a wide canopy. Others […]

Can my Frisomat hangar be repaired?

Frisomat takes total responsibility for the production of your hangar. We have all the raw materials needed for hangar. So do not hesitate to request a quotation without any obligation to have your hangar repaired or its appearance restored. You can also do up your hangar yourself by ordering the materials you need and collecting […]

Applying for a building permit?

You always need an urban planning permission in order to build your Frisomat hall. You apply at the municipal district where you wish to build. Enquire about building regulations at the same time so you are exactly aware of the conditions under which you will be allowed to erect a building. The good news: you […]

Can Frisomat build a hangar in another country?

Yes. We’ve built in over a hundred countries worldwide. With local production sites on three continents, your project is right within our reach. Effortless process of design, production, transport and assembly. Worldwide. From your first call to the last bolt, the entire process of constructing your steel hall will take no longer than a couple […]

Can my Frisomat building withstand wind, rain and snow?

Our materials are treated so that rain, wind and snow have no impact whatsoever on the steel structure, roof and wall covering. In addition, the buildings meet the required standards. For buildings located in special environments, please contact us.

How can I insulate my steel showroom?

There are various ways to insulate your steel hall and keep indoor conditions nice for your products and your customers. Whatever solution you choose, Frisomat guarantees top quality parts and products, and a perfect installation thanks to our made-to-measure policy for accessories. Rockwool or Sandwich Panels? You decide Sometimes a simple Rockwool layer between the […]

Does Frisomat also provide building kits or self-build packages?

Frisomat preferably (depending on the country – only) provides its buildings fully delivered and erected. Our technicians have benefited from thorough training and have several years of experience. We want you to be satisfied with your Frisomat hangar, and this is why we erect the structure ourselves. It is, however, possible to order loose materials […]

Is it possible to dismantle, move or store a Frisomat building?

Thanks to our unique “meccano” concept, our hangars can be dismantled completely so that they can be moved or stored. A Frisomat hangar can easily be re-erected at a new location. Your building can also be adapted or extended as it is being rebuilt. If you do not need your building immediately, but you do […]

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