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Does Frisomat also provide building kits or self-build packages?

Frisomat preferably (depending on the country – only) provides its buildings fully delivered and erected. Our technicians have benefited from thorough training and have several years of experience. We want you to be satisfied with your Frisomat hangar, and this is why we erect the structure ourselves. It is, however, possible to order loose materials […]

Does Frisomat also offer a building kit?

Yes and no. All of our halls come packed with instructions to build the hall from start to finish. This can be done by a local team, with only a small and light crane to lift the roof beams and panels. Or we can send over a trained Frisomat crew to assist you with erection […]

I have a building project in another country. Who should I contact about this?

Frisomat has always been export-oriented. As an international company we have 14 own branches worldwide. In other countries we work with partners. So our field of activity has no borders. The light steel structure is easy to transport and highly suitable for export. By ship, container, lorry, aeroplane, etc. Choose a branch from the worldwide […]

Is it possible to leave the surrounding walls open?

Of course. If you wish, it is perfectly possible for us to install the steel structure and leave the surrounding walls open. You can then enclose the building at any time.

How should I maintain my Frisomat building?

All our profiles and plates have excellent protection against corrosion thanks to a zinc layer of 275g/m², which corresponds to the highest European standard. The galvanised roof and wall covering of our buildings is coated with a 25 micron layer of paint as a standard feature. As a result, a Frisomat building does not need […]

Can I take down, move or store my unit?

Yes. Temporary buildings are meant to be taken down after a short period of time, only to be rebuilt somewhere else, and serve as a different type of hall. This makes your halls extremely durable and increases their value for money. Even temporary halls can last a lifetime. Unique, meccano-like building process Every component of […]

How fast can Frisomat build my industrial steel building?

Very fast. Our entire process is tailored to combine quality with speed at the lowest possible cost. No matter where your building is being assembled. Pre-fabrication in your area All Frisomat steel components are of standard sizes and can be built without any delays in our own production facilities. We have three production sites, spread […]

A steel Frisomat Building

All our steel constructions are built using the same high-quality cold-rolled steel. This is no coincidence: we are convinced that our steel is the perfect compromise between minimum weight, maximum load-bearing capacity, optimum corrosion resistance plus aesthetic appearance. That is why we check every step in the production process closely. The ore for our steel […]

Do I have to prepare the site where my building is to be erected?

Yes, as with every building site, the land has to be prepared for Frisomat. This preparation involves levelling the site and filling it in with rubble (= substratum for concrete slab). • The entire surface area of the building site must be accessible for a 4×2 lorry, whatever the weather conditions. • The site must […]

What dimensions are possible?

We offer various dimensions depending on the type of hangar. The smallest hangar is 8 m wide, 10 m long and 3 m high. (info still up to date?!) As regards the maximum dimensions, we can provide a hangar with a free span of 55 metres. (info still up to date?!) Our engineers are also […]

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