Will my Frisomat building require special maintenance?

No. Cleaning and maintaining your steel building is easy and straightforward. No special products or cleaning methods required. You can focus on your customer’s cars instead of on your building.
Galvanization keeps rust away
The main issue with any structure is corrosion. Wind, sand, salt, hail, … they can all damage surfaces. Not on your building, though. The steel we use has been treated with zinc to form a protective coating around the steel. This process is called galvanization, and it keeps the strength of your steel intact at all times. No matter the local conditions.
Cleaning with water. That’s all.
Of course sand and dirt will stick to your side panels from time to time. And you want to make a great impression on your customers, so you want everything to be clean. No problem: with a simple garden hose or a high pressure cleaner this dirt will come off easily. No need to scrub.
Thanks to made-to-measure gutters and water pipes, rainfall and other debris will be guided away from your hall as well. Leaving it clean and spotless.
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