Why go for Frisomat? Why go for steel at all?

Steel is the core ingredient of everything we do at Frisomat. Thanks to our steel, your hall will last longer and remain strong and unscathed along the way.
Cold-rolled steel: strong, light and easy
Steel is strong and has a very long life-span. Is it expensive? Sure, but not the way we use it. We opt for cold-rolled steel – thinner and lighter than its brother. But every bit as strong, thanks to our ingenious use of profiles and the quality of our raw materials.
Our steel is easy to ship and easy to handle at the construction site. It takes a team of two only two weeks to put up an 800 square meter warehouse.
Frisomat is an experienced partner
Frisomat has been building steel buildings for over four decades. That means thousands of steel buildings, all over the world. Every single one of those buildings has delivered on its promise to be sturdy, flexible and easy to use.

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Looking for a high-quality steel construction?

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