Which insulation options exist for my office?

You can insulate your office building up to a very large degree, thanks to our wide range of insulation options. It’s up to you to decide which type is perfect for your building.
Sandwich panels or Rockwool
Rockwool is a fast and cost-effective way of insulating. Perfect for moderate climate regions, but not suitable for areas where temperature drops and spikes are steep. There, we advise you to use sandwich panels. These are produced and cut to the right size at our own facilities to make sure they fit snugly into your steel structure, leaving no space.
Anti condensation film
In an office building, anti-condensation film against the steel beams is crucial to avoid condensation drops to form on the roof and drop down onto the desks. Frisomat takes care of this, making sure the inside of your steel building is a perfect place to work.
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