Which building type do I need?

Choosing a Frisomat steel building type is the first step in a very intense customization process. Our engineers will gladly discuss to pros and cons of any steel building type with you, based on your requirements.

Size matters in your steel hall

Some agricultural halls need lots of floor space and a wide canopy. Others suffice with a narrow but long hangar, with preferably a lower roof height. Depending on the type of farm you have and your ambitions, we’ll help you choose the perfect steel hangar for your company.

Take a look at the roof structure

We highly recommend you to consider a flat roof structure so there is plenty of room for you to integrate feeding systems or ventilation pipes, which are crucial in your stables anyway.
Frisomat would like to sit around the table with you, to discuss the best option for your breeding farm.

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Looking for a high-quality steel construction?

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