What will my Frisomat recycling hall cost?

This is the million-dollar question of course. Yet it’s impossible to give a straight answer on the internet. We need you to give us details on the size and accessories you require in your hall. They determine the overall cost.
No overhead cost whatsoever
Frisomat aims to keep processes as light as possible when building your hall. That’s why production of nearly all components and accessories is done in our own facilities, and transport is taken care of by trusted partners. This transport can be done using normal freight and trucks. To assemble the building on site, it suffices to call on your local building team. With the detailed instructions by our engineers, they will erect the construction in no time.
Durable investment in strong building
Investing in a steel Frisomat structure is a durable investment. Not only will you be the owner of a strong building that will be in place for decades – you will also have a building that can be reused on a new location when necessary.
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