What will it cost to build a steel workshop?

No expensive design fee
All Frisomat steel halls are pre-designed by our engineers. They also consist of pre-fabricated steel components. This way of working guarantees a lower design fee, because all the groundwork has already been done. We just need to adjust the base drawings to your specific size whishes, and to the local conditions and regulations. So you’ll start saving money even before the production has begun.
Cost-efficiency in steel production, transport and assembly
Our building process has been perfected over the past four decades. We can confidently say there is no link in our supply chain that leads to unnecessary costs. On the contrary:

  • – Pre-design reduces fabrication costs.
  • – Pre-fabrication reduces production time.
  • – Lightweight steel reduces shipping costs and building expenditures.
  • – Assembly by local teams saves building costs.
  • – Project management prevents late fees as a result of loss of time.

Building cost-efficient steel workshops is our core business. Get in touch >

Looking for a high-quality steel construction?

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