What size should I make the covering for my equestrian arena?

The size of your steel construction depends entirely on your whishes and preferences. You can make the hall as large as you like, and even extend it further in the future. We will gladly advise you and show examples of previous projects to help you through the design process.
Size matters in your steel riding arena
First things first: you want your hall to be large enough for your horses to gallop. This will probably require a free span of over 20 meters wide. Some of our halls can reach 35 meters without supporting columns.
After this, you should decide on creating space for stables, warehouses or even storage areas for your vehicles. They can all easily be integrated in your structure.
Extensions are always an option
Have you noticed how we never mention a maximum length on our site? That’s because there is none. We’ve built steel constructions of over a hundred meters long: enough to cover an entire football pitch. Your riding arena will probably not need that much space right away, but it can be done.
Should you decide later to add a second arena, or extend the construction with more stables or even a part to take care of office and administrative tasks, a simple extension is all you need.
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