What size is my aircraft hangar and can I extend it further?

You decide on the size and shape of your steel aircraft hangar. Extensions are always possible.
Size matters: make your steel hangar as large as you like
The maximum width and height of your steel aircraft hangar depend on the base model you choose. But other than this, everything about size and space is yours to decide. You can make the hall as long as you like, for instance. Or you can put two or more buildings side by side, and remove the inner walls to create more space.
Extend your steel hangar as your airport grows
Do you require more space to house more planes or helicopters? No problem: just extend your hangar a couple of meters, without having to do anything special. The unique meccano-like building process allows for unlimited extensions – no matter when.
Did you know it’s even possible to entirely tear down and rebuild your aircraft hangar on a different location? All parts are 100% reusable.
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