What is the price of a Frisomat steel aircraft hangar?

Obviously, size matters a great deal when calculating the total budget for your aircraft hangar.
Light processes guarantee high value for money
Frisomat has made it a crucial point to perfect its processes over the course of many years. We’ve now reached a point where no time or money is ever wasted, thanks to a meticulous planning and a great deal of experience. From design to assembly, everything flows smoothly.
Pre-fabrication of your steel aircraft hangar is cost-efficient
This design model allows for an unseen speed and certainty during the production process. No special configuration of machines necessary: we know exactly what to do. Of course, it’s easy to customize each of the halls to perfectly suit your needs.
Light steel saves money threefold
The cold-rolled steel we use in your aircraft hangar, is much less expensive than any other building material for the same strength. But on top of that, lightweight steel makes transport a lot easier: a steel hangar of about eight hundred square meters neatly fits in one regular-sized container. Finally, assembly is easier and faster too, requiring only a small team with light building gear.
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