What is the best way to optimize the floor space of my showroom?

The layout of your floor plan depends on the way you plan to use your showroom. Sometimes a few lower-lever offices for sales executives are what you need. But you may well require a separate floor for meeting rooms or special shop-in-shop offerings. Both are possible.
Create extra floor space on a mezzanine
The smartest way to double floor space on your showroom, is by adding a mezzanine. This creates a second floor, suitable for anything you like: office space, customer service, more shopping area, …
If separate floors are no option, separate offices are a clever way to incorporate more activities into your building. The interior walls can be made out of any material, giving them exactly the look you want.
Attach or incorporate a warehouse
Any showroom needs a stock area for parts and products. This may be part of your new showroom hall (neatly hidden behind a steel wall), or a different hall altogether. Frisomat can attach those two buildings and remove (parts of) the interior wall if needed.
Large gates and sectional doors will help trucks or forklifts with goods to move in and out easily and quickly.
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