Is maintenance of my steel workshop easy?

Yes. Maintaining your steel is a matter of rinsing with water. No need for special products or extensive protection from tough weather. Frisomat has taken care of that already.
Easy to clean steel
Your steel is covered with a zinc layer that protects is from rust and other corrosive debris. This galvanization process will also ensure dirt gets no chance to stick to your steel. Just use a regular garden hose to wash it all off.
Custom-made gutters and water drains
Your building will have gutters and drains that guide rainwater and other debris safely away from your hall. This also keeps the side panels clean and removes the need to apply constant cleaning. You can just focus on your core business without having to worry too much about your building.
Frisomat is your partner for building a steel workshop. Get in touch >

Looking for a high-quality steel construction?

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