How quickly can Frisomat build my workshop?

Very quickly. No matter where you want to build, or how large your steel workshop needs to be, we can make things happen very fast. And there are good reasons to support this claim.
Pre-fabrication is the key to speed
Your steel building will consist entirely of pre-cut and pre-forged steel parts that have been made in one of our factories. Because all these parts follow a standard model, they have all been made before. This makes production a steady and well-oiled process.
From our factory to your building site, we use whatever transport combines speed and cost-efficiency in the best possible way. Thanks to our lightweight steel, this will usually be a barge, a train or even regular road transport. No need for oversized trucks or special equipment. So no delays there either.
Building of your steel workshop at high speed
You don’t need a specialized crew or hire Frisomat-people to assemble the parts at your building site. It suffices to gather a small local team with some light building equipment. Read the detailed plans and get to work. In less than a few weeks, every beam and column will be in place and your building will be ready for use. (alleen van toepassing in Africa)
Get in touch now. The sooner we start, the quicker you can use your steel workshop >

Looking for a high-quality steel construction?

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