How can I insulate my steel showroom?

There are various ways to insulate your steel hall and keep indoor conditions nice for your products and your customers. Whatever solution you choose, Frisomat guarantees top quality parts and products, and a perfect installation thanks to our made-to-measure policy for accessories.
Rockwool or Sandwich Panels? You decide
Sometimes a simple Rockwool layer between the steel panelling in the side walls is enough to keep the inside climate as it should be. In hotter or colder environments, Sandwich Panels may be needed (different thicknesses are available).
It could even be the case that you don’t need or want insulation. That’s fine, but we will in this case recommend an anti-condensation foil that will keep your steel from dripping with condensation water the entire time.
Ready for implementation
We provide the insulation materials for your building ourselves. This guarantees that all parts are cut to the exact sizes and fit comfortably in the foreseen spaces in our construction. The result is a perfectly insulated steel warehouse, ready to accept any business.
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