Do I need to take special maintenance actions?

No, even in a heavy-duty environment like your riding arena, cleaning and maintaining your steel hall is easy. A simple garden hose will take care of most of the dirt.
No corrosion of your steel
We cover our steel with a thick zinc layer to protect it from any corrosive substances. In a riding arena, methane gas is always a risk, as are salts and sands that get thrown against the side walls and columns. Thanks to the galvanization process, your steel construction will not corrode under these circumstances.
No dirt or debris whatsoever
Made-to-measure gutters and water pipes will lead rain water safely away from your hall, to avoid it mixing with the arena sand. But even when the walls of your hall get dirty (and they will), cleaning is a simple task. Just water will do. No special products and no precautions necessary.
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Looking for a high-quality steel construction?

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