Can my steel warehouse for vehicles withstand all weathers?

Of course. We’ve especially designed our buildings to make them all-weather resistant. Cold, rain, hail, wind, … nothing will affect the integrity of your steel structure.
Your steel car workshop stays always upright
Heavy winds and gale storms are the most threatening of weather conditions for any building. Our lightweight steel halls are perfectly equipped to resist even the strongest forces, thanks to a number of safety measures:

  • – Strong foundations – We precalculate all the necessary foundations and make sure the building is anchored securely.
  • – Unbreakable joints – Our conical bolts that keep columns and panels in place leave no margin whatsoever for the pieces to change position. This improves sturdiness.
  • – Wind bracings – Unique and especially developed steel wind bracings make the walls more flexible and better adjusted to strong storms.

Never corroded: steel car dealership resistant to everything
A zinc layer (called galvanization) around your steel columns and panels protects it against any natural corrosive force: sea salt, sahara sand, hot ashes, water, … This way, your building will stay as good as new for its entire lifespan.
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Looking for a high-quality steel construction?

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