Can I have an upper floor in my steel building?

Yes. A second floor can be built on a mezzanine with relative ease.
Sturdy steel mezzanine
We build our mezzanines in the same cold-formed steel that is used in the other components of your building. This ensures a strong base that can carry a floor loading of 300 kilograms per square meter.
Free up floor space
Mezzanines are especially useful when you need to perform two separate tasks in the same building, e.g. office work and storage. The floor space on the ground level is unimpeded by the extra level, thus doubling the amount of room in your hall.
Assembly by one crew
Mezzanines are produces in our factories and use the same meccano-like system to be attached to the building’s columns. All parts will be shipped together with the other construction materials too. This means your building team can immediately put the mezzanine in place – no waiting for separate deliveries or third parties.
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