Can I have a second floor in my steel airplane hangar?

Yes. Mezzanines are a cost-efficient and easy way to create extra floor space above your planes and helicopters. Perfect for an office area.
Steel mezzanine inside your aircraft hangar
With a steel mezzanine, you can double the floor space inside your hangar. The steel components of the mezzanine attach to the steel upright columns with the same meccano-principles used for the entire construction. This means hardly any extra columns are required and your vast floor space can still be used for storing large airplanes.
Office workers on mezzanine inside airplane hangar
A mezzanine is a perfect area to create a comfortable, clean and quiet office area. The construction itself is made out of the same high quality steel as the rest of the building, but floor paneling can be in wood, glass or any other material you like. You can add windows in the side walls, roof lights for light from above, and insulation to keep the temperature inside nice and warm.
Construction included in original plan
The components of your steel mezzanine are pre-fabricated in our factory and get shipped together with the other parts of your steel hangar. This makes it possible for your local building team to erect the construction in one go, without losing even a second of time
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