Can I combine showroom and workshop in one hangar?

Yes. Most showrooms require some sort of workshop or warehouse to be built nearby, where parts or stock goods can be stockpiled and work can be done on products. With Frisomat, you can choose to use separate building for this task, or to combine both in one hall. Or you could go for option number three: two adjacent halls with a removable wall.
Combine buildings and accessories at will
The unique Frisomat meccano-like building concept allows for a nearly unlimited freedom in adjusting and optimizing your steel hangar. Inside walls are perfect to divide your hall into separate areas, removable steel panelling will turn two adjacent halls into one and a mezzanine is perfect for stock or office workers.
Perfect quality and service throughout
Your showrooms will probably stretch the possibilities of our customization options to their maximum. Expect our engineers to work closely with you and your architect to come up with inventive solutions to make your showroom stand out of the crowd.
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