Can I build a workshop according to my needs?

Yes. Customization is an integral part of our service.
Your needs are unique. Your steel workshop has to be>
Maybe you need more storage space than your neighbor. Or larger gates. Or insulation that is thicker. Or a higher roof. There are a million ways in which your building can differ from the next one. All of these customization options are available at Frisomat. The only restriction? You have to play by our design-rules. But they are created precisely to grant you the most possible freedom.
Insulation for your steel workshop
Insulation is a great example of the amount of possible customization in your steel workshop. For instance, you could opt for a steel workshop without insulation. That’s entirely possible of course. You could then use an anti-condensation film to keep water drops from forming and falling down. Or you could go for full on insulation: thin Rockwool, thick Rockwool, sandwich panels, … We can even insulate a cold room for you.
Gates, windows, … anything you want
Did you know you can fit sectional doors in your hall on any side? And large sliding XXL-gates? Roof lights are a much loved accessory as well as they remove the need for much additional lighting.
Talk to our designers and start customizing your building >

Looking for a high-quality steel construction?

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