Can Frisomat build a riding arena in my country?

Yes. Even if you haven’t found an example of a steel Frisomat building in your country (which is unlikely), it doesn’t mean we can’t build there. We’re a global company by nature.
Doing business anywhere require an international approach
Building in Belgium is different from building in Africa or South America. In fact, rules and regulations differ already within a small country as Belgium. So whatever project we tackle, checking with local authorities is a given. It’s an integral part of our process, so you don’t have to worry about it.
Local regulations is just one of the many obstacles to overcome when doing business on a global scale: transport, customs, local habits, … we’ve seen them all in our thousands of international projects. Every difficulty has been taken care of by us once before. So we can do it for you as well.
Dedicated international team
Located in our headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium, a team of highly experienced and well-trained specialists takes care of every single international question that floats our way. They navigate with ease through the complexities of international shipping, transport agreements and customs. All to achieve a simple result: a worry-free building project from start to finish.
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Looking for a high-quality steel construction?

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