Can Frisomat build a recycling building in my country?

Yes. Frisomat is a truly international company with over a thousand references in more than one hundred countries. Your project can easily be the next one on that list.
Experience with international processes
Over the past forty years, we’ve had the time and opportunity to sharpen our production and transport processes to make them near perfect. Not a second goes to waste from the moment you give your order to our engineers. And not a single euro is spent foolishly either: light steel means cost-efficient transport and easy assembly.
Local regulations dealt with
We know it’s often a pain to have to deal with your local authorities and their building prescriptions. Yet, it’s crucial that we do to avoid any mishaps during the process. That’s why a dedicated team of Frisomat specialists is working non-stop to tackle all these administrative obligations and make sure every single rule is respected. This makes building easy, no matter where you plan to do it.
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Looking for a high-quality steel construction?

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